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Jeudi, 24/06/2021, 02:36
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Dates: start of new German group lessons

Due to the current situation caused by COVID 19, our courses take place online in virtual classrooms.

The specified dates are the starting dates for new beginner lessons (A1). Candidates for higher levels can begin at anytime. For optimal planning, however, we request that, if possible, you get in touch with us at least one week before the start of lessons.

Language students and students who require a visa:
Inform us at the latest one week before the start of lessons,
if you do not yet have a visa;
we can then vary your starting date without charge,
otherwise the first month of lessons will be charged.

Applicable for one-to-one (private lessons):
If, for urgent reasons you cannnot attend your lesson
a free of charge variation is possible if you inform us
at least 24 hours before the start of the lesson.
(Uncomplicated and easy, informally over the phone is also possible)