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General Business Conditions for German Group Courses

1.) The course fee includes the cost of the lessons, the rooms, and administration. In
addition we make a single charge of 30 €. (This is for photo copies, certificates,
tests and diplomas). Students must supply their own text books.
2.) On registration for a course there is a deposit of 130 € to be paid. This will be offset
against the last instalment due to be paid. The deposit guarantees the student a place on the desired course as long as the conditions at clause 5 are satisfied. This is not valid if the participant fails to appear at the start of the course.
3.) Participants in German courses must pay the first instalment before the course begins. Payment of the next course is due at the start of the fourth week's tuition.
4.) A course month is four weeks long, not a calendar month. Lessons lost due to bank
holidays are not usually substituted, only when more than two fall in the same month.
5.) If there are too few students to form a group, the student has the right to have single
lessons for the same price but for a reduced number of hours. If a group course has less than four people, the weekly tuition time will be reduced on grounds of the higher
effectiveness of small groups: 4 people 12 teaching hours & 3 people 8 teaching hours.
6.) A termination of contract during the contract time (i.e. the period between the signing of the contract and
the fulfilment of that contract by Fremdsprachenforum) is not possible. Fremdsprachenforum is only
prepared to agree to a termination by the student in the following cases:
1) Refusal of a visa. 2)Death. 3)Illness. 4)Pregnancy. 5) Removal to a distant place.
In these cases you have to pay a cancellation fee: the amount of the fee is 20% of the total course price,
minimum 130,-€. In case of the above named grounds for termination, they are to be confirmed with the
appropriate documents. For example, the refusal of a visa (1) should be confirmed
with the official notification of the German embassy from the appropriate country, or
a doctor's certificate (3&4). If the termination is accepted by Fremdsprachenforum,
we will refund the following from the deposit already paid. Please read about our paper about
information for the student.
Should the participant not wish to give notice, but postpone the beginning of the course, this is possible on condition that we are informed at least one week before the originally planned beginning of the course. If the participant or representative does not inform us in advance in cases such as the one above, they will be regarded as absent and then the monthly fee (280,-) will be offset against the deposit. Please make a note of the name of the person you speak to as well as the date and the time to avoid later misunderstandings. The period of notice is four weeks. There are no legal grounds of appeal against this.
7.) On request, we will supply a confirmation of registration for people who need proof of
their reason for staying in Germany to obtain a visa. Please read our information paper for student
about deposit amount for visa.
If the participant is not in Germany at the time the contract is signed, a representative can take over the registration. This person's signature obliges them to take over responsibility for the payment of all fees on the signed form.
We emphasise strongly that the contract is binding for all courses.
8.) If a participant in a group course does not take part one or more times in a lesson,
they have no right to be compensated.
9.) All courses lead, when not otherwise contractually agreed, (e.g. DSH-examination), to preparation for the exam for Foreign Language Secretary for the IHK (Chamber of Trade). For special courses, (e.g. private study or company courses) we have to include VAT (19%) in the bill.
10.) We accept no responsibility for courses which take place outside the school at the student's wish.

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